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Free DISH Network Installation for Incredible Home Entertainment

When it comes to getting DISH Network television programming, things couldn't be simpler for customers. You get free installation services for a limited time from qualified, trained installers who will set everything up for you. So you don't have to deal with climbing up on ladders, untangling cables, or trying to program your DVR systems. All you have to do is call to open up an account and subscribe to a television programming package.

Standard Installation Has Become Even More Simple

Don't ever worry about having to deal with a complicated instruction manual. With DISH Network, all the installation legwork is done for you. A trained installer will set up an appointment to come to your home after you call for DISH television services. They will mount the dish receiver and DVR system throughout your home. And if you call today, you get this standard installation service for free for a limited time.

The process is fast and simple! The standard installation will involve a site survey to decide on the best place to mount your new equipment. Then the technician will assemble and mount your DISH receiver antenna, install the DVR receivers that are included based on the television program service you request, and will program the remotes so you can access all your television programming. Afterward, the technician will download any updates to your receiver and DVR systems and answer all of your questions about this exciting television service.