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See How DISH Network Compares to What the Competition Offers

Keep The Cord and Obtain DISH When You Want Superior Television Programming

We know that there is a lot of competition out there when it comes to television programming. Yet, time and time again, DISH Network is showing how people can have superior television programming at fantastic low rates. Let's compare what you can get when keeping the cord and seeking out DISH television programming.

More Television Channels Than Anyone Else Provides

When it comes to channels, DISH Network leaves the other companies behind in the dust when comparing basic packages. DISH's AT120+ television package offers 190+ channels. The Comcast Starter package only has 140+ channels, DIRECTV Select has 145+ channels and Charter Select has 125+ channels. Get more television shows and movies to increase your entertainment.

Tons of Features for Your Home

Unlike the rest of the competition, DISH offers more with its innovative Hopper DVR technology. You can record and watch up to 16 shows with Hopper 3 as well as skip commercials so you can keep watching the show that you want to see. You don't have this feature with DIRECTV, Charter or Comcast. Also, you get 500 hours of recording storage (2,000 hours with the Hopper 3 DVR), as Comcast and Charter each offer 60 hours while DIRECTV gives you 200 hours. So you can record even more programs and watch them anytime you want.

There are so many amazing benefits and features that DISH Network has over the competition. Call today to find out everything that DISH television programming can offer to you so you can fall in love with your television again.