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Dish Anywhere Lets You Wish TV Programs On Your Rules

DISH Anywhere: Watch Live and Recorded Shows Everywhere

Never let the entertainment stop even when you are nowhere close to your television. With Dish Network's Anywhere, you can watch live and recorded shows on mobile devices wherever you go whether you are in the backyard, the car, at the beach, or in the store.


Get 100% Online Television Shows and OnDemand Titles

DISH works with your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device so you don't have to fight the spouse or the kids for some television time when there is only one TV set in the house. DISH Anywhere lets you see online television so you catch live sports games and breaking news on any screen.

You also can watch recorded DVR programs and OnDemand titles that you can download on your mobile devices and take with you anywhere. So you don't need to have an Internet connection, which makes it convenient to watch shows where a Wi-Fi signal can't be found such as on a long air plane trip when going on vacation.

Watch on 5 Devices Simultaneously

Share the entertainment on all your devices. DISH Anywhere can be used on up to 5 devices at once so you can watch it on your television, PC, smartphone and tablet all at once. Another great feature is that you can switch the program between devices. So you can start watching a show on your tablet, switch to watching it on your smartphone, and then finish watching the program on your television.

DISH Anywhere lets you take your television content wherever you go. Always be entertained and call for these features today.