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Viewing and Audio Assistance is Provided by DISH

DISH brings value and convenience to all customers, including those who have hearing or visual impairment.

Closed Captioning and Audio Description are standard features on all DISH receivers.

The MyDish website contains a very informative page concerning accessibility. This page gives you instructions on how to activate certain features, helpful sites for receiver info, and phone numbers should you need further assistance.

Text to Speech, Screen Magnification and Bluetooth Audio are also featured on the MyDish accessibility page.

These audio/visual enhancements are available on Hopper Sling, Hopper 3, and Wally.

Text to Speech is a feature providing an audible read of the Guide and Menu screens helping users with programming and choosing channels.

Screen Magnification enlarges all text and graphics to enable viewers to better read and view the Hopper Guide and Menu screens.

Audio Description provides narrative tracks to play when available. These tracks describe key elements of the program, pausing during dialogue, and are designed specifically for the blind or visually impaired.

Bluetooth Audio enables hearing aid users to sync with audio using a wireless transmitter to the Hopper. This provides a much more comfortable way to enjoy TV.

Dish wants all customers to have access the best in TV entertainment.